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Sparkle  with  Hamstech's  Jewellery  Designing  Course

"Create Designs That Dazzle"

Mobile No : +91 9100942450

Our Jewellery Design course is an intricate field of study at an introductory level. 

Students are taught about the different processes that start from a creative inspiration and finally culminate into a beautiful piece of art. 

Why Jewellery Design?


1 Year


High School Graduate

Skills Required : 

The Desire to Design and Of course lots of Creativity!

Expected Result : 

Work with the biggest names in Jewellery Design!

Go independent with your own Jewellery Collection!

Craft creations for your loved ones!

A Short Course for the Long Run


Hamstech designs dreams that make a difference. Hamstech could be

anyone, it could be everyone, it could be YOU!

We've Been Around For Over 2 Decades!

24 Years of Experience in Education


We Teach With Tools of Time!

Highly Experienced Faculty

Believe In Hamstech, Achieve With Hamstech!